Students discussing with Prime Minister of Kosovo


Photo by: Consulate General of Kosovo in New York


On 22 September 2016, St. John’s students and faculty were honored to welcome Isa Mustafa, Prime Minister of Kosovo, for a speech and discussion on the economic, social and political development of the young Republic. More than 200 students coming from areas of study such as law, communications or economics, were attending this special event arranged by the Institute for International Communication.

The Prime Minister began his presentation by shortly outlining the history of Kosovo and moved on to current challenges that the state is facing. For example, Kosovo has a very high unemployment rate of about 30 percent and there is no visa-free traveling for Kosovan citizens yet. Moreover, some EU states have still not recognized Kosovo as an independent state. Another interesting fact the Prime Minister mentioned: more than half of the population is under 25 years old.

All in all, a vivid and very deep discussion took place after the Prime Minister had finished his speech and he thoroughly replied to critical questions about the new power plant as well as less complex but just as interesting ones about the importance of social media in Kosovan society.

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