Space and Fashion or ‘‘Spashion’’


By Anna Morozova

Have you ever thought how Space and Fashion could unite and form something fascinating and beautiful just like anything combined by two opposites? In the way, a child from two different races and cultures is usually unique and especially beautiful, so the child of space and fashion is. Let’s call this child ‘‘Spashion’’! In this article I am going to attempt and answer the question if ‘‘Spashion’’ could be the beginning of a new trend or has this trend already been existing?

But, firstly, let me talk about the definition.

Spashion is a noun that combines two other nouns, specifically, a beginning of one and the end of another: Spa(ce) and (Fa)shion. Both fields are large enough to contain many topics and discussions inside each of them. On the other hand, their combination gets together forming something related to both and, in the same time, something completely different and unique. If a child is born from an African-American mother and Caucasian father, can you claim the child is black or white? The child would be a mix of both. We can compare the situation with Space and Fashion, when Spashion is really something related but completely different. If a child is sharing 50% of his/her DNA with each biological father and mother. Then we can say, Spashion is equally sharing its characteristics with both Space and Fashion.

Have you heard of the Space Age? That’s the time in the history in the end of 1950s and 1960s when the space race between countries began with the development of new technologies and nuclear weapons as well as the cold war after the Second World War. The actual human involved space race started with the first manned mission when the USSR successfully sent a spacecraft with Yuri Gagarin around the Earth’s orbit on April 12, 1961. This event and the following space related missions then inspired designers from all over the world including Paco Rabanne, Courreges, and Pierre Cardin to refresh their styles with unique ‘‘spaceish’’ elements.

The first thing we can do is to look up images on Pinterest by simply typing in ‘1960 space fashion’. If you haven’t yet, do it right now! You might be surprised then how many results and interesting images with various styles you will get on your computer or phone screen. These include a lot of white and metallic elements with circles, buttons, squares, and interesting pieces. Are you inspired now to update your wardrobe and rock the next party or event you attend?

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It is been almost 60 years since the first human went to space, but the rush is still on. There has been a huge competition from space technologies to ‘’being the first one’’ to discover something on the Moon or Mars as well as from media battles to intense discussions on multiple space related blogs. So, the fashion industry is not staying away! A well-known brand, Coach, recently launched a new line with the space theme accessories where they include many space pieces in their designs as well as simply illustrating spacecrafts.

Another example from high fashion who gave birth to a ‘‘Spashion moment’’ in 2017 is famous Chanel. They presented their new line in March of that year in a trademous style by showing a custom Chanel rocket at Paris Fashion Week. The clothing represented the space very much showcasing cosmic blankets, shiny boots, astronaut prints, and planet-shaped handbags.


You might not be able to get in a spacecraft wearing these items at the moment but you surely will feel closer to space. I, personally, always wanted to have a NASA shirt or a hat. It just sounds so big as the organization is working on something special as nobody else does (except other space agencies like Russian Roscosmos or Chinese CNSA). I believe recent space events will influence modern designers from all over the world to continue the Space Age! Don’t you think so? And the child, Spashion, will soon grow and become an adult giving birth to new kids! Who knows what these kids will look like…

Below are some articles about the fashion space trends since it all began in 1960s.



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