Integral Human Development and Land Tenure


October 29, 2021 9:00am EST
To thrive, we need the land.  Yet, what is the land and how do we secure our relationship to it?  Such is the role of tenure.  Over time we have answered the questions of tenure in ways virtuous and vicious.  Today, we live in their perilous outcome.  A new answer from Integral Ecology is that we belong to the land.
How might we now form tenure?

Sr. Alessandra Smerilli

Secretary, Dicastery of Integral Human Development, Vatican 

Edmund Klimek
AIA Partner, KSS Architects
Friar Joseph Blay
OFM, Conv.
Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation, Ghana, Africa
Grace Musser
Student, Sustainability Activist, St. John’s University, NY
Rev. Bolmax Pereira, Ph.D.
Scholar- Farmer- Activist,
Goa, India
Jenn Low
PLA, Integrative Designer/Landscape Architect, The Urban Studio,
Washington, DC

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