Impacts of Technology on the U.S. Tourism Industry in a Post-Pandemic Future


Technology is tremendously changing scenes of customer services and business operations in the hospitality and tourism industry. It has been already several years that humanoids greet hotel guests in Japan. Many robots are delivering food to customers at airports and hotels in Boston and Houston. McDonald’s recently opened a new robot-only store in Phoenix. People virtually travel to Europe and Asian countries through screens. Millennials and Generation Zs are buying luxury products for their avatars and enjoy their lives in a virtual theme park in a metaverse platform. We cannot help asking the question “how hotels, restaurants, or travel attractions in a post-pandemic world would look like?” This Zoom-recorded presentation titled “Impacts of tech on the US Tourism Industry in a post-pandemic future” was delivered in Korean by Dr. Seunghyun “Brian” Park of St. John’s University on November 24, 2021.

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