Globalization, Sustainability, and the Future: St. John’s students answer


A new series introduced by IICM, we are asking the questions that matter to our very own student body to gain insight from the next generation. Students answered questions about climate change, globalization, and related fields to promote the upcoming symposium hosted by us titled Globalization, Sustainability, and the Future.

Freshman Quinn Danvers provides us with educated insight on the future of our planet, and the path of globalization
One of our students gives her take on “climate anxiety” which has been prevalent among generation Z

When asked about the imposing climate crisis, this student gives brutally honest feedback
These informed students talk legislation and action regarding the imposing climate crisis
When asked if it is too late to do anything about climate disaster, she gives a hopeful outlook on the situation
These students give enlightening opinions on the current state of the world and what we can expect in the future

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