The Life and Work of Fernando Rielo


The Celebration of the Centennial of His Birth

Friday, March 24th, 2023

Fernando Rielo Pardal (1923-2004) is the founder of a school of thought, the Idente School, headquartered in Rome, that studies his genetic conception of the principle of relation or the genetic principle and its relevance for metaphysics, anthropology, ethics, and aesthetics. He established in the year 2000 the triennial World Metaphysics Conference that has been celebrated in Rome and at the Pontifical University of Salamanca. He founded, in addition, the Fernando Rielo Foundation with its annual Fernando Rielo World Prize of Mystical Poetry and its biennial Fernando Rielo Prize for Sacred Music. In 1959 he founded the Idente Missionaries, a Catholic religious institute of pontifical right with university, pastoral and social service apostolates in some 25 countries.

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Rielo’s Genetic Ontology: The Human Person in Constitutive Relation to the Absolute Subject or a Non-Peregian Conception of the Human Person
Paper by Robert P. Badillo, Ph.D.

Rielo’s Genetic Metaphysics as a Guidepost to Reality
Paper by Glenn Statil, Ph.D.
, Professor, St. John’s University

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