Communication & Civility – A Global Conversation 


August 7, 2020

The societal fabric at all levels is in a free fall. The collapse of trust in civil society has exacerbated global trust with enormous economic and geopolitical consequences. Our academic institutions, the paragons of civility, are becoming loutish places. The public square is turning into a prickly space. This webinar intends to provoke this urgent conversation on the imperative of dialogue and civility in public and private communication. When civility in our communication ceases, violence begins. By-passing civility in public communication is sometimes claimed to be a necessary tactic to highlight social-political issues in the “attention economy.” Does this create a spiral of un-civility, and if so, how to break it? How are different spheres of our lives and different societal fields are affected? In addition to academia, how does civility affect our individual rights as citizens? What does the current discursive environment mean for international organizations? Journalism? Brands and Marketing? Let us come together for a robust conversation on this important and urgent topic.

Moderators: Dr Basilio Monteiro & Dr. Minna Horowitz

Conversation Leaders: Afua Twumasi-Ankrah, Ghana Candice Roberts, St. John’s University, NY Cecilia Chrieleison, University of Perugia, Italy Cristina Perez-Cordon, United Nations Denisse Gabriela Davila Zuniga, Sonora, Mexico Dimitris Charalambis, Athens, Greece Elisabeth Fondren, St. John’s University, NY Helene Diyabanza-Peterson, Uganda Kara S. Alaimo, Hofstra University, NY Laura Tommaso, University of Molise, Italy Mariam Diaz-Bosch, Blanquerna University, Barcelona Jack Phelan, Fordham University, NY Julia Theilen, Germany Luisa Ortiz, Vita-Activa and NVALabs Stjepan Malovic, Zagreb, Croatia Thomas Bauer, University of Vienna, Austria Tracy Gottlieb, Seton Hall University, New Jersey Van Vu, Hanoi, Vietnam

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