Digital Work, by Young Talent

Digitalization has caused major disruptions in the ways we work, and the pandemic has leapfrogged these developments for all of us. Digital solutions have impacted the content of professions, created new ones, but also changed the ways in which we work.

While many reports and other predictions have been written, how does the impact of the digital seem to young talent in different fields of communication? What to expect when you enter professional life, what are the advantages and disadvantages of digital working communities, and what should we expect from our digital work in the future?

The webinar, Digital Works? of the Institute of International Communication, on 14 October 2021, featured a panel of three young talents: Emma Lextrait, Valerie Ohm, and Daniel Haynes.

Here are their insights on digital community building – strategies and tactics, advantages for different fields, and challenges – as well as the future of digital work and life: