Contributors at IICM

Our contributors

Initially created as a space to encourage students to become involved in research, the Institute’s blog is a space for the students in our Ph.D. and M.S. degree programs to test their research skills and bring innovative approach to studies of communication.

The institute also invites researchers from around the world to contribute their thought experiments to the blog regardless of their location or affiliation.


Core IICM contributors, in-house researchers, faculty of the Collins of the College of Professional Studies at St. John’s University

Dr. Basilio G. Monteiro

Dr. Minna Aslama Horowitz

Dr. Candice Roberts

Dr. Mark Juszczak

Dr. Tiffany Mohr

Dr. Elisabeth Fondren

Dr. Nancy DiTunnariello

Doctoral students

Ph.D. in Multi-Sector Communication program

Meet out Ph.D. students

Garfield Benjamin

Arturo Pagan

Franklin Ezeorah

Gad Karmi

Gohar Aznauryan

Maria Rappa

Naqib A. Noory

Victoria O’Keefe

Seonwoo Bak

Martyne Volcy

Ebele C. Udeogalanya

Pius K. Nwankwo

Mirna A. Hatoum

Danijela Milic

Tara DeWorsop

Graduate students

Master of Science in International Communication program

Julia Theilen

Helene Diyabanza-Peterson

Afua Twumasi-Ankhra

Brooke Mosca

Alexa Chanelle

Anna Morozova

Off-campus contributors

Researchers from around the world, who shared with IICM their thought experiments

 Dr. Razan Jadaan

Cristina Pérez-Cordón, Ph. D.

Brooke Mosca

Elissa Mefleh

Dalal Garai

Nathalie Larin

Matthieu Tardis

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